Currently the Speelgroep is on hiatus since we have no one to oversee this activity. If you are interested in taking it over please contact info@naadv.org..

The Speelgroep is intended for families that speak Dutch to their children at home. Years ago a few NAADV families organized their own monthly playgroup and it is still going strong! They meet every second Saturday morning of the month at the house of one of the participating members.

The host family for the month announces the date and location of the next speelgroep meeting to participating families via e-mail. The host family usually provides coffee and treats. Special activities like arts and crafts or games might also be organized depending on the host. The meetings are informal and hosting is done on a volunteer basis.

To join the speelgroep simply e-mail your name, address and telephone number with names and DOB of your children to the e-mail address below. The list of families is frequently updated and distributed among the playgroup members ONLY. As a playgroup member, you can contact others who live close and/or who have children of similar ages as yours to set up additional play dates, organize events for parents, etc.