Once a year, the NAADV hosts an Indonesian Rijsttafel dinner for its members and their guests. The impact that the Dutch and Indonesian cultures have had on each other remains strong to this day, especially in the Dutch people's acquired taste for the flavorful and unique foods and spices of Indonesia. The Rijsttafel is a wonderful way to sample a great variety of Indonesian dishes. It is also a gezellige evening for adult members to socialize with friends and meet new members.

This year we return to AQUA Restaurant in Philadelphia where we have rented a private room. A variety of Indonesian favorites will be served and there will be a cash bar. And, as always, we will have our raffle of fabulous prizes! Invitations will be going out in the mail so please send your payment in as soon as possible as seating is limited. This event is open to NAADV members and their guests only so please make sure you are current with your 2016 dues.

There is a paid parking lot on Chestnut Street just before you reach the restaurant.

AQUA Restaurant
705 Chestnut St, Philadelphia (215) 928-2838

When: Saturday, November 19th • 7pm Borrel • 8pm Dinner

Cash Bar & Raffle
$40 members / $45 guests
Cash Bar

Watch for your flyer in the mail - once all spaces are filled we cannot take any more people so please send in your form early! If you do not receive a flyer by the end of October, please check that your membership is paid.

For More Information on this event contact...
Harry Simons: harry_simons[a]

The Dutch/Indonesian Connection: The Dutch and Indonesian cultures have been woven together since the Dutch landed on the shores of the world's largest archipelago in 1596. They sought control of the international spice trade by forming alliances with the native rulers and the ever-increasing Chinese immigrant population. They fought with the Portuguese, as well as among themselves, and this led the Dutch government to form the United East India Company to provide military strength. For the next two hundred years, the Dutch dominated the world's spice trade. The Dutch surrendered sovereignty over all of Indonesia, except New Guinea, to the federal Republic of the United States of Indonesia in 1949.

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