The following list is compiled of web sites that offer information about The Netherlands and more. The NAADV is not affiliated with any of these websites or organizations and merely offers them as a source of information that may be of interest to our members.

Netherlands Links:

Nederlandstalige Nieuwsmedia - Het Nederlandstalige Nieuws - Overal!:

Dutch Yellow Pages: www.markt.nl/dyp/index-en.html

National Library: Koninklijke Bibliotheek. www.konbib.nl

Discover Holland: Interesting and informative website about the Netherlands. www.discoverholland.info

Statistics Netherlands: www.cbs.nl

All About the Netherlands: www.rug.nl

Nu: www.nu.nl

Dutch Search Engine: www.ilse.nl

Dutch Search Engine: www.track.nl

Dutch Embassy: Washington, D.C. www.netherlands-embassy.org

Dutch Parliament:
www.eerstekamer.nl The Upper House of Parliament.
www.tweedekamer.nl The Lower House of Parliament.
Internetsite van de Eerste en de Tweede Kamer om meer inzicht te bieden in de werkwijze van de volksvertegenwoordiging. De website bevat alle informatie over Kamervergaderingen en meer gegevens over de leden van de Eerste en Tweede Kamer. Bezoekers kunnen een virtuele rondleiding volgen.

Netherlands Board of Tourism: www.goholland.com

Channels: A virtual tour of Amsterdam online. www.channels.nl

Simply Amsterdam: Website with great travel info about Amsterdam. www.simplyamsterdam.nl

Holland Hotels: www.hollandhotels.nl

See Holland By Train: www.ns.nl

de Museum Server: Listings of museums in Holland. www.museumserver.nl

Weather Forecast For The Netherlands: weather.noaa.gov/weather/NL_cc.html

Weather In Holland: www.knmi.nl

Learning the Frisian Dialect: www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/6641/english

Stuff Dutch People Like: Humorous Facebook page with many hilarious observations about the Dutch

Dutch Radio and TV:

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep: www.rnw.nl. Dutch news and radio worldwide.

Veronica TV: www.veronica.nl

Dutch TV: BVN-TV. Public Television for the Dutch and the Flemish abroad. Publieke televisiezender voor Nederlanders en Vlamingen in het buitenland.

Dutch News:

De Telegraaf online: A daily Dutch newspaper. www.telegraaf.nl

De Volkskrant online: A daily Dutch newspaper. www.volkskrant.nl

NRC Handelsblad online: A daily Dutch newspaper. www.nrc.nl

Brabants Dagblad online: A Dutch newspaper. www.brabantsdagblad.nl

De Gelderlander online: A Dutch newspaper. www.gelderlander.nl

De Krant: Monthly magazine for Canadians and Americans of Dutch origin. www.dekrant.ca

Dutch News Broadcast and Archives: www.omroep.nl

Dutch Food & Products:

Holland Web Shop: www.hollandwebshop.com
An online web shop selling everything from toothpaste to licorice from Dutch brands you know.

The Old Dutch Store: www.olddutchstore.com
Located in Salt Lake Cuty, Utah, this shop ships Dutch, German and Scandinavian products. If you ever are in Salt Lake City stop in for freshly made in-house Kroketten!

Vander Veen's: www.thedutchstore.com
Selling Dutch products online including herring!

Expat Links:

Dutch in America: www.dutchinamerica.com

NL Borrels: A non-profit network for Dutch expat professionals and entrepreneurs dedicated to increasing social interaction, career advancement and exchange of information of interest to the Dutch community living abroad. www.nlborrels.com

Expat Infobase: www.intermediar.nl

Noord Holland International Friendship Club: www.nhifc.org

Dutch Recipes: www.jannekes.eu

Dutch Goodies for the Homesick: www.heimweewinkel.nl

About The Netherlands and its people, at home and abroad : www.dutchthemag.com/

Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Links:

International Visitors Council of Philadelphia www.ivc.org

Ex-Pats Moving to Philadelphia www.alloexpat.com