The NAADV was formed in 1957 by Dutch immigrants who were looking for a mutual social outlet in the Philadelphia region. Over the years it has grown into a non-political, non-profit, social organization. Preserving and advancing knowledge of the Netherlands and the culture of Netherlandic immigrants and their descendants has always been a strong focus. This includes the contributions of Netherlandic immigrants to the development of the American society and its culture.

The NAADV celebrates Dutch and Flemish traditions such as Koninginnedag, Sinterklaas and an annual Rijsttafel, to mention a few. All are welcome to join these events since they offer a wonderful opportunity to meet other people either from Holland or Belgium or with a strong interest in that culture.

The Association also sponsors a variety of annual social events including a Summer Pool Party, and a Belgian Beer Festival. Lectures and presentations about important Dutch/Flemish people and perfomances from Dutch/Flemish artists and musicians are also sponsored by the NAADV periodically. Many of these events are offered in coordination with the University of Pennsylvania and other educational institutions in the Delaware Valley.

"De Brug", the NAADV's newsletter, is published quarterly and is received by all of the current membership. Flyers, postcards and e-mails are also sent regarding upcoming events. An Annual Meeting including elections and year-end review is held in March with a pot luck supper. Members are encouraged to attend and put forth new ideas for the NAADV.

Membership is open to anyone who has interest in the Netherlands and its traditions. While many of our members do speak Dutch, English is the official language of the NAADV. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the NAADV or if you wish to become a member!